High Springs Art Coop Mission Statement

The mission of the High Springs Art Co-op is to support and strengthen the local and regional art community. We will create an affordable space where artists work, exhibit and sell their work. We will strive to work with the community to improve the overall cultural environment of our neighborhood.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Progression of a Painting

     This year my schedule is really packed for the fall and spring. I am trying some new festivals for the first time. So I need a variety of art stock for these many shows and since they are back to back I have to paint a lot now! These two river paintings are going to be main show pieces in my booth. Of course if they sell I will be painting a lot during the holidays to cover for the spring shows.  This fall I have two paint outs and 2 possibly 3 art festivals. I will be posting my schedule very shortly.
     The tall pic is a painting of beautiful Poe Springs just outside the town of High Springs, about 5 minutes from where I live.  I took the photo with my camera through some trees. The mosquitos were thick that day so I didn't stay long.  It was such a lovely sight at the end of the walking trail that leads from the parking area. This painting is not done so I will be posting the finished one in the next week most likely.
     The next painting I call "Approaching Rum Island". A favorite painting spot for many artists and locals, Rum Island is beautiful little cove with a boat dock, swimming and picnicking area. Several weeks ago my husband and I went kayaking with my daughter and her family. This is the view at the end of that kayaking adventure just as we round the bend to dock and get out of the boats. I couldn't resist the view and took it with my I-phone. This painting is also going into the Autumn Fest 2014 Exhibit, Sept.8-19 at the Suwannee River Regional Library, 1848 South Ohio Ave (Hwy 129), in Live Oak, Fl. I will have to go up right before the Thornebrook Art Festival to pick it up, so it could hang at the festival Oct. 4-5.

Poe Springs
Poe Springs beginning.
More progress on Poe Springs

Beginnings of Rum Island

Laying in the detail of Rum Island
More work on Rum Island
The finished product, "Approaching Rum Island"

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Gainesville Fine Arts Association President, Karen Koegel, struts her stuff with a great showing of her very cool abstracts!

Karen Koegle
All photos courtesy of GFAA photographer Russell

Karen's husband Charlie manning the ship!

Karen enjoyed sharing her art and all the positive comments about her work.
        Everyone had a great time at the art coop for The Artist of the Month reception for August, Karen Koegel on Friday, Aug. 2. Karen has been president of GFAA for 2014 and has lifted the art club to new heights in just half a year. There is excitement and new blood in the club, adding new art exhibit venues for art club members to strut their art, fun parties, and great informative meetings. If you are not a member yet, or haven't checked out GFAA in a long time, check out their super new website, Gainesville Fine Arts Association and find out all there is to know for Gainesville's best and biggest art club.

       Karen is also the 2014 & 2015 chairperson for the Winter Fine Art Fair at Tioga in March. She has helped grow that show as well so be sure to look for that event in 2015.

       Karen has always been so inspirational in pumping up other artists that she is now finally getting a chance to show her work here at the High Springs Art Coop throughout the month of August. Come visit and check out her very cool work.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Another year, another great party at the High Springs Art Coop, SPIKED ICE!!!

Boy is this turning out to be a hot summer in many ways! Not only is this the hottest party for the summer but we have the most spectacular art! Several of the coop artists will be showcasing new pieces and the gallery is showing Eric's Shupe's amazing sculpture held over for another month.

We will be serving the standard flavors of ice cream but then you can have a variety of delectable topping like butterscotch and mint liquors, spiced rum, Kahlua, and Bailey Irish Cream. You can add nuts, Oreo cookies or M&M's to that mix. And we haven't forgotten those who prefer non alcolholic, with Chocolate syrup and strawberry, blueberries and whip cream toppings. Mouth watering yet? Remember this is a primarily for the mature audiences since there will be alcohol. So hire that babysitter, put on your party hat and come spend a fun evening with all us artists at the High Springs Art Coop.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Eric Shupe, hometown artist, local sculptor soaring to the top, see his work while you can!

Many of us local artists here at the High Springs Art Coop have watched Eric grow with his art in the last year. We almost convinced him to be a coop member at one time. His parents were also very active in our community and a great supporter of local art. His dad and stepmom bought one of my paintings when I first started showing in High Springs.

Eric does such amazing sculptures from silverware, they are just spectacular pieces. His work has exploded to places many miles past his hometown of High Springs and he is winning Best of Show at multiple art festivals, showing at the prestigious Art Basil in Miami, and recently sold a piece to Oprah! So if you want to see his work while he is still a hometown boy we have extended his show into July.  See it now or come on out to our yearly summer party at Spiked Ice, Sat. July 12!


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Catch it while you can! Alfred Phillips Artist of the Month for May

Alfred in front of his artwork just before his reception this month.

On May 2. we had a great time at Alfred's reception. Lots of friends came by and we had a great night.  Alfred's work is so interesting and beautifully done you can admire it forever. If you haven't seen it, it is a more than worth a trip to the gallery.  Each painting tells a story.   He is extremely talented and is really making his mark as an established artist in Gainesville, South Florida and beyond! Alfred Phillips, May Artist of the Month, has his amazing paintings at the coop for 1 more week!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Painting in the Dark!

Patricia Veatch, Tina Corbett, and Karen LeMonnier ready to go into the gardens.

Tina forgot her easel so she paints with the help of a chair.

Karen and Patricia painting away.

Saturday evening was a fascinating experience for our coop plein air painters, Karen LeMonnier, Tina Corbett and Patricia Veatch. All three of them are part of The Hogtown Plein Air Group and Gainesville Fine Arts Association's plein air group. They were invited by amazing artist, Tim Malles, the organizer for the Hogtown group to participate and paint at The Moonlight Walk at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens in Gainesville. This is a major event for the Alachua Astronomers Club who Tim is an active member of.  They set up several telescopes to observe the heavens and fun things for the public to participate in to educate people to the wonders of astronomy. The gardens soon became full of happy people waiting in anticipation for the skies to clear.

Another local artist and friend, Peter Senesac joined Karen, Patricia and Tina and they were able to start painting at dusk but it soon became extremely dark.  Unfortunately, it was very cloudy so there was little moonlight to help give highlights to the skies to paint and for the astronomers to see the planets and the stars. The night was still fun with delicious strawberry shortcake for the artists made by Tim's wife, Joanne. Karen's husband, daughter and grand kids also came to join her and strolled the gardens, enjoying the evening. When the night took over, Tina soon discovered that her headlamp, which was to help her paint under the stars, actually became a beacon of light to all the local bugs.  Fun was still had by all!