High Springs Art Coop Mission Statement

The mission of the High Springs Art Co-op is to support and strengthen the local and regional art community. We will create an affordable space where artists work, exhibit and sell their work. We will strive to work with the community to improve the overall cultural environment of our neighborhood.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Another year, another great party at the High Springs Art Coop, SPIKED ICE!!!

Boy is this turning out to be a hot summer in many ways! Not only is this the hottest party for the summer but we have the most spectacular art! Several of the coop artists will be showcasing new pieces and the gallery is showing Eric's Shupe's amazing sculpture held over for another month.

We will be serving the standard flavors of ice cream but then you can have a variety of delectable topping like butterscotch and mint liquors, spiced rum, Kahlua, and Bailey Irish Cream. You can add nuts, Oreo cookies or M&M's to that mix. And we haven't forgotten those who prefer non alcolholic, with Chocolate syrup and strawberry, blueberries and whip cream toppings. Mouth watering yet? Remember this is a primarily for the mature audiences since there will be alcohol. So hire that babysitter, put on your party hat and come spend a fun evening with all us artists at the High Springs Art Coop.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Eric Shupe, hometown artist, local sculptor soaring to the top, see his work while you can!

Many of us local artists here at the High Springs Art Coop have watched Eric grow with his art in the last year. We almost convinced him to be a coop member at one time. His parents were also very active in our community and a great supporter of local art. His dad and stepmom bought one of my paintings when I first started showing in High Springs.

Eric does such amazing sculptures from silverware, they are just spectacular pieces. His work has exploded to places many miles past his hometown of High Springs and he is winning Best of Show at multiple art festivals, showing at the prestigious Art Basil in Miami, and recently sold a piece to Oprah! So if you want to see his work while he is still a hometown boy we have extended his show into July.  See it now or come on out to our yearly summer party at Spiked Ice, Sat. July 12!


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Catch it while you can! Alfred Phillips Artist of the Month for May

Alfred in front of his artwork just before his reception this month.

On May 2. we had a great time at Alfred's reception. Lots of friends came by and we had a great night.  Alfred's work is so interesting and beautifully done you can admire it forever. If you haven't seen it, it is a more than worth a trip to the gallery.  Each painting tells a story.   He is extremely talented and is really making his mark as an established artist in Gainesville, South Florida and beyond! Alfred Phillips, May Artist of the Month, has his amazing paintings at the coop for 1 more week!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Painting in the Dark!

Patricia Veatch, Tina Corbett, and Karen LeMonnier ready to go into the gardens.

Tina forgot her easel so she paints with the help of a chair.

Karen and Patricia painting away.

Saturday evening was a fascinating experience for our coop plein air painters, Karen LeMonnier, Tina Corbett and Patricia Veatch. All three of them are part of The Hogtown Plein Air Group and Gainesville Fine Arts Association's plein air group. They were invited by amazing artist, Tim Malles, the organizer for the Hogtown group to participate and paint at The Moonlight Walk at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens in Gainesville. This is a major event for the Alachua Astronomers Club who Tim is an active member of.  They set up several telescopes to observe the heavens and fun things for the public to participate in to educate people to the wonders of astronomy. The gardens soon became full of happy people waiting in anticipation for the skies to clear.

Another local artist and friend, Peter Senesac joined Karen, Patricia and Tina and they were able to start painting at dusk but it soon became extremely dark.  Unfortunately, it was very cloudy so there was little moonlight to help give highlights to the skies to paint and for the astronomers to see the planets and the stars. The night was still fun with delicious strawberry shortcake for the artists made by Tim's wife, Joanne. Karen's husband, daughter and grand kids also came to join her and strolled the gardens, enjoying the evening. When the night took over, Tina soon discovered that her headlamp, which was to help her paint under the stars, actually became a beacon of light to all the local bugs.  Fun was still had by all!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Our own Larry Behnke now officially in the Ribley's Believe or Not Museum

The famous Thumb!
       Larry Behnke is one of our founding members of our art coop and an icon in the town of High Springs where he has lived for many years.  Larry is a great guy, friendly and helpful to everyone.  His work is visable to everyone who visits High Springs in the form of signage, logos, advertising, and he also is a regular writer and member of the staff of the local news magazine The Observer. Well now we can officially say that one of our artists is a member of the famous, Ripley's Believe it or Not museum. This is the story in his own words:

"Now, for a bit of weird...when I was age 12 I wanted to make a sculpture out of a part of my body, so I started saving my fingernails. After 44 years I had enough to make this giant thumb (nails combined with epoxy and cast from a plaster mold). It has a light inside and resembles amber. Last week Edward Meyer (in photo), the purchasing agent from Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum, stopped by my house and bought the sculpture for $5,000. It will be displayed in one of their museums. My artistic weirdness has been vindicated. Yeah!"

Larry and Edward Meyer, the purchasing agent from Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum

       Here is a photo of a young art patron looking at Larry's "White Toy, Black Toy" sculpture. It is made of more than a hundred toys, two of each kind - one white and one black. The little girl is trying to match the white toys with the black toys.  You can spend a good amount of time looking at all Larry's unique and one of a kind artwork.

       Larry has a complete wall of unusual and amazing art for every taste. Come on out to the coop and see all his work.  Did I tell you he is an excellent illustrator and photographer, all that he incorporates in his work? Come see his drawings, paintings and 3-d art now!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Springing forward with more cool art!

Bird Houses for the bird enthusiast, from Susan Margaritondo

Miniature art for the most frugal purse, from Tina Corbett

Glorious fruits from Patricia Veatch

The Story of Florida through the art of Jim Whiteside

Our newest artist, Windy Low's mosaics

Christine Schmidt's newest amazing collages

Paintings of the river by Karen LeMonnier

Whimsical dogs, horses, birds and animals by Audrey Marie Brown
Have you walked down Main Street High Springs lately? Lot's of changes happening.  Hugs & Kisses moved next to the Art Coop recently and looks great. Also there are some more businesses opening soon I heard.  A new coffee shop is opening across the street from the Great Outdoors.  In my opinion you can never have enough coffee. On 1st Avenue there are great cookies, cupcakes and coffee at The Talented Cookie with cool jewelry and clothing plus fun canoes trips across from them at Sante Fe Canoe Outpost. Summer is looking good in High Springs.

For lunch I always have to decide between delicious pizza and subs at Pizza 2 Go with my favorite Italians Marco and Rosanne next to the coop and the amazing sandwiches at the True Blue Cafe caddy-cornered from the gallery across the street. My favorite from them is the BLT wrap with soooo much bacon!

Well hopefully we will see you soon in High Springs for great art, great food and friendly people!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Look what spring has sprung at the High Springs Art Coop!

Acrylic Print by Ron Baughn

Photography from UF's Ray Carson

New Found Objects Art Sculpture by Larry Behnke

Seminole Garnet & Gold by Lon Pettit!

Gator magic by Lon Pettit.

Pottery and sculpture by Diane Hornby.
Artwork is so diverse for every taste, and every pocket book! Come browse and spend some time exploring the amazing artworks by local artists. Always something new because all the artists are working artists.  Sometimes you'll catch one of artists drawing, painting or beading live. Watch paintings come alive on the "In Progress" Art wall in the studio area. Or just come by to chat. We are always friendly and open 7 days a week.